Physician Partnership Program

In 2014, 42% of those who purchased their insurance plan on exchanges were not aware of the plan network.  Have you lost patients because they bought insurance you do not accept? Make sure you can keep the patients who need you.

Too often we hear this story from patients and doctors. One of your patients comes to the your office after buying an insurance plan and presents their card only to be told, “Sorry we don’t accept that  insurance.” And instantly you either lose the patient or they have to pay out of pocket to see you. Usually, they find another doctor. You just lost a patient and that patient just lost their doctor

The ACA is severing physician-patient relationships at an alarming rate, including not only under 65 individuals, but also Medicare and Medicaid patients as well as consumers choose coverage in an open market. Most people buying insurance in the market do not understand how their benefits really work. Do you have a plan to engage your patients?

We partner with physician practices to provide resources and information to both the practice and patients that increases awareness of plan options in the market, and most importantly what plans will allow them to continue their relationship with you.

Regulations do not permit physicians to steer patients towards specifics carriers or plans, and you do not have the expertise and resources to counsel individual patients. However, you can communicate in a compliant manner to inform your patients of the plans you participate with. Information is only part of the solution. Your patients need a trusted resource to properly advise them of what options are best for their specific needs. 

We do not work for insurance companies. We are an independent agency that is contracted and licensed to sell health plans with all major carriers in each of our markets including ACA, Medicare, and Medicaid managed care plans. Therefore we are able to provide objective advice to every patient. We have a customer-first, product-second model. Before we even discuss plans we do a full suitability analysis.

When we talk to your patients we ask the important questions:

  • Who are your doctors; primary care/specialists?
  • What hospital do you use?
  • Are you taking medications, which ones?
  • How often do you go to the doctor? 
  • Do you have any chronic conditions (there are no exclusions for pre-existing in health insurance anymore; simply for us to advise them on the cost-share level is best suited for them)?
  • Do you qualify for subsidized premium credits?

Only after this thorough suitability analysis do we discuss plans. We are obligated to present all plan options available, and we ensure that they understand all benefits and networks. Because we are aligned with your practice we also have the opportunity to advocate for your relationship. In each case the patient always makes the decision.  Regardless of the decision they make, you have the peace of mind that decision was made with all information available and that your relationship with them was represented properly. At Cornerstone we build lasting relationships with our physician partners to maintain lasting relationships with their patients.