Pharmacy Partnership Program

If you are a pharmacist, you deal with customers who either don’t have prescription drug coverage or have a less than desirable drug plan every day. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to help your customers find better drug coverage? You can do just that by partnering with a Cornerstone agent. 

How It Works

When a customer has a question about their drug plan or is in need of prescription coverage, put them in touch with a Cornerstone agent. They will take care of everything else. 

Benefits to Your Customers

Customers are counseled on ACA, Medicare A, B, C & D plans depending on their age. The agent will help guide them to the plan that is the most appropriate for their needs and budget. Enrollment deadlines will be explained, and assistance will be offered to the customer. Any supplemental insurance options they need and qualify for will also be shared with them. Cornerstone is an independent agency that has access to a wide variety of providers and plans to assist your customers.

Benefits to the Pharmacy

Our consultation services are free of charge to your customers and the pharmacy. All customers’ questions are answered by a certified, licensed agent who is fully compliant. You get a unique service that attracts and retains customers. When your customers have better prescription coverage, they are more likely to fill their prescriptions and seek medical care when needed. Employee involvement is minimal because they only assist in the scheduling. Before we come, the staff is provided with informational materials. These materials along with the opportunity to schedule customers with an agent allow them to comfortably avoid answering insurance questions.

Our Commitment to You

Your customers will be educated and assisted. Their needs will always be our top priority. Appointments will always be kept. The service is free and can be terminated without notice.