Nursing Home & Assisted Living Partnership Program

Every day you deal with residents and clients who are either being placed in assisted care or having to place a loved one in assisted care. While they are going through this stressful and often overwhelming process, they are also thinking of their own estate and affairs. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to help your customers get the financial help and advice they need? You can do just that by partnering with a Cornerstone agent. 

How It Works

When you have a resident who needs long-term care insurance or they have loved ones with questions about long-term care insurance, you schedule a time for them to meet with our agent at your location. 

Benefits to Your Customers

Residents and their families are counseled on long-term care insurance plans that are best for their situations. The agent will help guide them to the plan that is the most appropriate for their needs and budget. All types of long-term care insurance are fully explained, and assistance with enrolling in plans is provided if needed.

People with long-term care insurance are less stressed because the financial costs are covered. They have the ability to choose where they receive care without the worry of having to relocate when their assets are exhausted.

Benefits to the Nursing Home & Assisted Living Facility

Our consultation services are free of charge to your customers and your facility. All customers’ questions are answered by a certified, licensed agent who is fully compliant. You get a unique service that attracts and retains residents. The resident knows that you helped them find what they needed, which increases your word of mouth referrals.

Moreover your facility benefits by creating loyalty with future customers. Customers who get their LTC insurance from a facility are more likely to choose that facility for their care needs in the future. You also don’t have to discount your rates as customers with LTC insurance will be able to afford services.

Employee involvement is minimal because they only assist in the scheduling. Before we come, the staff is provided with informational materials. These materials along with the opportunity to schedule customers with an agent allow them to comfortably avoid answering insurance questions.

Our Commitment to You

Your customers will be educated and assisted. Their needs will always be our top priority. Appointments will always be kept. The service is free and can be terminated without notice.