Helping You Facilitate Your Employee Care Needs

Your employees are a crucial part of your business. You want to take care of them and provide them with needed benefits. You know that offering healthcare benefits not only makes your current employees more loyal, but it also helps you recruit higher quality employees to your business. Essentially healthcare is important to your employees and important to your business.

But how do you know what options are available, affordable and best for your employees? Your Cornerstone agent will sit down with your decision-making team to discuss your employee needs, budget and best options. We have access to numerous providers and plans to help you customize a healthcare package that works best for your company.

Helping Your Employees Now

The Affordable Healthcare Act created a need for individuals to have insurance in order to avoid government penalties. For many people who have never had to select their own insurance before, it’s a stressful and confusing process. By working with a Cornerstone agent to customize your employee healthcare offerings, you are adding value to your company and helping your employees avoid additional stress and uncertainty.

We can assist you with the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Marketplace as well as other insurance options for your company.

Helping Your Employees Transition into Retirement

Retiring employees face a drastic transition as they move out of the workforce into a new world of possibility. It can often be stressful and uncertain for them, especially when it comes to choosing the right healthcare options. For most retirees, their insurance needs have always been selected and provided for them by their employer. Now it is up to them to make these decisions for themselves, and many are unsure what steps to take.

Benefits to Employees

Employees are counseled on ACA, Marketplace Exchange and Medicare A, B, C & D plans depending on their age. The agent will help guide them to the plan that is the most appropriate for their needs and budget. Enrollment deadlines will be explained, and assistance will be offered to the customer. If they qualify for and need  supplemental insurance options, our agent will explain them. Cornerstone is an independent agency that has access to a wide variety of providers and plans to assist your customers.

Benefits to Employer

We can help you and your employees with insurance selection by offering free consultations to your employees. This gives your company another value added benefit to offer employees. It reduces the strain on HR who may not have the time or expertise to answer complicated insurance questions. Your employees now have access to a local, licensed insurance agent who has the expertise and resources to help them understand their insurance choices.

How it Works

Our Smooth Transitions Program is flexible with three distinct components that can be used alone or all together to assist you and your employees.

Component 1: On-site Private Insurance & Medicare Resource

Formats include:

Informal Q&A

  • Consultant available in lunchroom, conference room, or other location
  • Answers questions informally, one-on-one, for a set period of time

Scheduled presentation

  • Consultant offers a more formal “lunch-and-learn” or other presentation format
  • Employees/retirees attend a group presentation and Q&A session

Component 2: HR Support Materials

We can provide informational materials for your HR staff to hand out to employees and retirees in response to Private Insurance & Medicare inquiries. Your employees have questions. With our HR Support Materials, your employees get answers, and your HR staff gains time. It’s that simple!

Component 3: Large Group Transition Support

Do you have a situation in which a larger number of employees will be moving off a group plan? We will develop a custom strategy to help them transition into appropriate individual insurance products in an organized process that meets their needs and your goals.

This service is especially valuable when:

  • A large portion of your workforce retires
  • Retiree coverage has been terminated
  • Employer-provided insurance has been terminated