Church Partnership Program

Every day you deal with members who are facing a variety of burdens from health issues, loss of loved ones, aging, caring for elderly family members and more. While they are going through this stressful process, they often reach out to you and your leaders for guidance. Guidance that you may not have the expertise to provide. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to help your members through these difficult times by providing a reliable resource for them? You can do just that by partnering with a Cornerstone agent. 

How It Works

You schedule a time for our agent to come and spend a half to full day in your location. Then when you have a member who needs guidance with health insurance, life insurance, retirement planning, estate planning or other financial planning needs, you schedule a time for them to meet with our agent on the designated day they will be at your location. Our agents will need the following:

  • Consultation area to seat three
  • Opportunity to train staff regarding scheduling
  • Informational materials placed on location and mailed with other marketing materials
  • Internet Connection (optional)
  • Access to copy machine (optional)

Benefits to Your Members

Members are counseled on insurance and financial plans that are best for their situations. The agent will help guide them to the plan that is the most appropriate for their needs and budget. All types of health insurance, life insurance and financial planning options are fully explained, and assistance enrolling in plans is provided.

Benefits to the Church

Our consultation services are free of charge to your members and the church. All members’ questions are answered by a certified licensed agent who is fully compliant. You get a public service that benefits your members. Church staff involvement is minimal because they only assist in the scheduling. Before we come, your staff is provided with informational materials. These materials along with scheduling members with an agent allow them to comfortably avoid providing guidance in areas they may not be comfortable with.

In addition, your members are provided with ways to reduce their financial burdens and become more financially healthy, which allows them to continue tithing. If your church books special seminars or small classes to help members with various life needs, this a great way to provide meaningful services to your members and possibly reach out to your community. Our agents can speak on a variety of topics that will pertain to your community.

Our Commitment to You

Your members will be educated and assisted. Their needs will always be our top priority. Appointments will always be kept. The service is free and can be terminated without notice.