Extra Coverage

Secure your future with extra coverage.  Health insurance does not cover everything.  You are still responsible for deductibles and other out of pocket expenses that can add up to thousands of dollars.  Also many of the costs of illnesses and accidents are non-medical.  Cornerstone can secure your financial future with plans that cover things your health insurance doesn’t. 

Dental Insurance

find an agentMedicare and Medicare Supplement Plans do not cover dental expenses.  If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, it may offer dental benefits but may not cover major procedures and you might be restricted to a provider network.  In either case, you need good dental coverage.

We offer dental plans that have no network restrictions and pay you cash to cover services that most plans don’t.  Initial enrollment is available up to age 65, and coverage is renewable up to age 70.  You can see the dentist of your choice with no network restrictions.  You can choose plans that cover services such as:

  • Cleanings
  • Exams
  • X-rays
  • Fillings
  • Anesthesia
  • Crowns (available on select plans)
  • And more!


Vision Insurance

Most Individual Major Medical plans do not provide adult vision coverage.  Adults with Individual Major Medical plans will need stand-alone vision coverage.  All ACA plans are required to provide basic pediatric vision benefits up to age 18, but limits on total benefit amounts and covered procedures might leave gaps. Vision insurance will help offset the costs of routine checkups as well as help pay for vision correction wear that may be prescribed by the attending physician.

Accident Plans

Accident insurance pays benefits when you’re injured. The plans we offer can help pay for expenses that your health plan may not fully cover, like deductibles.

Plans include:

  • Access to any doctor or hospital — no network restrictions
  • No waiting period to use your benefits
  • No overall annual or lifetime limit — no matter how many accidents you have

Is Accident insurance right for me?

  • Simple plan options help you meet your needs and budget
  • For adults through age 64 and a great solution for families
  • Cost doesn’t increase with age or the number of covered children
  • Easy to apply for — just a few basic questions — no medical exam


Critical Illness Plans

Luckily, surviving a critical illness is becoming increasingly common with advances in medical technology. However, the costs of fighting these illnesses or keeping up with everyday bills can be more than most are prepared to deal with. These plans pay you cash in either a lump-sum or monthly benefit amount depending on the type of plan you choose.

Critical illness insurance can help fill in gaps that your plan may not pay.

  • Deductible and coinsurance
  • Out-of-network costs
  • Travel to the best doctors and facilities
  • Other treatments that your plan may not cover

Use the cash to pay for everyday expenses while you’re focusing on getting well:

  • Lost income
  • Mortgage
  • Household bills, gas, food

Cancer Insurance

A cancer insurance policy is an affordable, supplemental policy. Policy members diagnosed with a covered cancer receive a lump-sum cash payment. It’s entirely up to you how to spend the money.

You could use this extra financial cushion to help with:

  • Medical payments / help with co-payments and deductibles
  • Mortgage/rent payments
  • Living Expenses
  • Travel and lodging expenses to specialized treatment facilities
  • Experimental treatments not covered by primary insurance
  • Loss of income
  • Child or elder care expenses
  • Other illness expenses brought on by cancer treatments/cancer

Hospital Indemnity Plans

Hospital co-pays are one of the biggest concerns for people who are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans.  Those co-pays are one of the largest costs and most likely to occur.  Those co-pays can add up quickly if you have more than one hospital stay.

Hospital Indemnity Plans (HIP) will pay you a set dollar amount for each day you are in the hospital.  If your plan pays you more than the hospital copay, you keep the difference.

These plans also offers riders for:

  • Ambulance service to and from a medical facility
  • Lump sum payment for diagnosis of cancer