What We Believe

Cornerstone's Core Values…

  1. Integrity
    Every decision we make, at every level, revolves around one thing: doing the right thing for you, our client.
  2. Responsibility
    We take our role in securing your future very seriously. That means you won't see us make risky investments or make questionable financial decisions. We've been here for our clients since 1995, and we intend to be here for years to come.
  3. Growth
    Our growth comes from helping our clients make informed, cost-effective decisions every year regarding their insurance needs. We've experienced natural growth as satisfied customers refer us to others.
  4. Communication
    We will always give you unbiased, research-based information in plain English. We'll offer you clear options and straightforward answers.
  5. Relationships
    Our clients are like family. We give you the same expert guidance and advice that we would give to our own parents or siblings. We value the trust you place in us, and we make every decision based on that trust.

Our Relationship with Our Clients

You matter to us. You can call on us anytime you have questions or something comes up in life that makes you re-evaluate your current plan. You will receive in-depth, unbiased, research-based information on insurance products. You can sit down with us whenever you need to discuss your options in person and answer your questions. Our aim is to help you make informed, cost-effective decisions by presenting you with a variety of options to meet your financial needs. With our help, you can secure your future and know that you are making the best choices for your family.